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The village of Bizanet
The village of Bizanet is the closest to Saint-Antoine 2.5km away. Life in this friendly village passes pleasantly by, governed by the rhythm of the work in the vineyards. The origins of the village go back a long way. Prehistoric relics have been found in nearby caves: pottery, axes and other flint tools. But it wasn't until the arrival of the Romans that the village was really born. The richer Roman period saw the foundation of the village. The first church was built in 940 AD.
It is very pleasant to walk around the village, especially towards the end of the day when the local men and women converse on their doorsteps or in the village square.
Whilst walking in the village, you can see:
The castle and dungeon, which dominate the village

The 18th Century Church in BizanetThe 18th century church with its lovely tower.

In the heart of the village the fountains, fed by the spring of the Naissant river, are still working to this day. They offer pleasant refreshment to passing cyclists and ramblers

The old streets - especially those around the church and the square, where you can see many old doorways with interestingly sculptured decorations (frogs' feet, ears of corn)

The Old Wash House in BizanetThe old wash-house, also fed by the spring of the Naissant, here the village women used to do their washing. A film crew recently used the wash house as a backdrop for a film.

The museum of Bizanet houses a permanent exhibition of old objects of every day life used in working with the vines and wine-making. Throughout the year the museum hosts several art, painting and sculpture exhibitions.

Practical information:
Population: 1098 Public services: Town Hall Post Office Shops: groceries - 2; butchers; bakers; hairdressers - 2; newsagent/tobacconist; Doctor.

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